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All Seasons is the personification of 15 years garden, landscaping, civil engineering and building experience aquired through the eyes, ears and hands of Gary Kirby


Gary spent a number of years as the Head Landscaper for a multi national hotel chain managing 9 huge sites at a time. His hands-on and involved style of working allowed for some exceptional projects to be designed and initiated. All of his work involved dynamic use of creativity, with a sturdy and methodical approach to execution.


After a number of years working in a corporate environment, Gary decided to return to the UK and bring his experience of Oriental flora and Fauna, garden style and composition to home owners in the UK.


Ideally looking to encourage sustainable and well thought out use of the garden, Gary strives to look at every garden as a unique entity. His philosophy of pragmatic but creative thought allows an excellent marriage between the client's idea and what is tangibly possible with space, materials and resources at hand.


Gary's philosophy is to provide affordable and skilled services to home owners passionate about their homes, but also passionate about paying a fair price.


All Seasons is an ethical enterprise looking to make use of sustainable resources and knowledge and get their clients involved in this.


Looking for a fair, trustworthy source of advice and information? - Call All Seasons!



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